koktail kids

witty. MISCHIEVOUS. riotous. 

The Koktail Kids are a rowdy troupe, each with a distinct personality, flair and penchant for the unpredictable. They offer an escape from reality, and it's time to get into their world.

Be warned! The Koktail Kids have been known to grab you by the hand, and lead you down an endless tunnel of enchanted rascality. Before you know it, you'll find yourself weaving your way at their whim and fancy and immersed in a world of imagination where boundaries and covenant are tossed aside in favour of adventure and mischief.

Once you notice them, you'll start to see flashes of them in the most usual (and unusual) settings. On a shelf, behind a door, oh wait! Did you see that one scurry under your feet?

Koktail Kids...They're Everywhere